Who & Why, Is Still NON COMPLIANT to REAL ID?

MVA Driver License Bureaus are giving out government printed flyers that advise a change is coming in renewal or acquiring the license. But not all states are doing this.

On the flyer in some states, that is being distributed in the MVA there is notice about two types of Driver License a person may acquire until Oct 1st 2020:

One is the Real ID. 

The other is only good until Oct 2020.

The Real ID costs more.

It demands that you bring your original birth certificate, original social security card, and recent tax return. If you have any outstanding debts, the new computer traces it and you will have to pay it before being allowed to get the license.

Will the average Mom & Pop, who do not have the funds to pay the higher cost REAL ID, or search for the original birth certificate, pay off any outstanding debts they may not have been aware of, etc, opt out, continue to drive to pick up the kids from school, and go to work and shop for groceries, etc. But if picked up for failure to renew the license? This will now be an imprison-able crime! Not a misdemeanor in a traffic court. This creates a whole new breed of unsuspecting criminals who were just caught off guard, trying to do their normal driving routines.

      Not enough information is being published about this Real ID ACT to prepare most people. And if they wait till the last minute to get their license renewed, it will not go like any other time before that? This time, they may have to return after expense and down time of gathering documents. That can be loss of job time, income, and expense to regather the long list of required documents if they do not currently know where they are, as many families do not necessarily stay so well organized, since they may never have been required to do so at any other time in their lives before now.

      And . . .

      People in these states may not be able to decide to get the Real ID, as their state is requesting extension time or refusing to comply. That means these people will not be allowed to fly domestically or foreign.

  1. Alaska
  2. Kentucky
  3. Maine
  4. Oklahoma
  5. Oregon

Not having REAL ID, pushes us back 300 years to a time before the revolutionary war, where citizens of the colonies payed taxes to King George of England but could not freely access the buildings they paid taxes on, nor freely access the processes thereof inside them as they were often restricted to enter and they could not freely pass through a toll road without more contention with British Guards. That led to the Boston Tea Party and a war. Hopefully, America is not being pushed back to that?